Open Daily 9am – 9pm
*We stop selling balls at 8pm*

Veteran and Locally Owned

Open Daily 9am – 9pm
*We stop selling balls at 8pm*

Veteran and Locally Owned

Unlock the Future of Golf with Toptracer!

Experience every swing with precision and insight.

What is Toptracer?

Toptracer is revolutionizing the game of golf. This advanced technology captures and displays ball flight in real-time during every shot. Whether you’re a newbie, a weekend warrior, or a seasoned pro, Toptracer offers a unique, engaging, and interactive golfing experience.

Why Experience Toptracer at The Ultimate Drive?

Interactive Games & Challenges

Put your skills to the test with our range of games suitable for all ages and levels.

Instant Feedback

No more guesswork! Get immediate data on ball speed, distance, launch angle, and more.

Virtual Golf Courses

Play iconic courses from around the world without leaving Bakersfield.

Enhance Learning

Perfect for those lessons with our pros, Toptracer gives insights to tweak and perfect your swing.

Features & Benefits


Real-Time Shot Data

 Every swing provides immediate data, helping you understand your game better.



Watch the trajectory of your ball, visualized in vibrant graphics.


Mobile App Integration

Sync your sessions with the Toptracer app and track your progress over time.


Interactive Games & Challenges

Challenge your friends, or join global competitions.

How to Use Toptracer at The Ultimate Drive

Rent a Bay

Rent your bay with integrated Toptracer technology.

Swing Away

Take your shots as Toptracer captures every detail.

Analyze & Improve

Use the real-time feedback to refine your skills.

Join the Fun

Engage in games, challenges, or virtual golfing experiences.

Games Available

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