Open Daily 9am – 9pm
*We stop selling balls at 8pm*

Veteran and Locally Owned

Open Daily 9am – 9pm
*We stop selling balls at 8pm*

Veteran and Locally Owned

The Lab

At The Ultimate Drive, we’ve lovingly nicknamed our club repair section ‘The Lab’ because, much like scientists, we delve deep into the mechanics and precision of every fix, ensuring your clubs are in their prime.

Give Your Clubs the Ultimate Treatment

Whether you’re looking to revamp an old set or customize your latest acquisitions, our club repair services are tailored to cater to every need. Trust in our expertise, for we understand that the perfect shot begins with the perfect club.

Club Smiths: Hayden and Haggy

Re-Grip Clubs

Refresh your hold on the game! Choose from our wide variety of grips or bring in your preferred ones. We’ll ensure a seamless fit for that perfect swing.

Shorten Clubs

Tailored to your stature and style. Get your clubs adjusted for a better stance and more controlled shots.

Extend Clubs

Add a little length for that extra reach. We provide club extensions ensuring durability and performance remain uncompromised.

Pure Shafts

Achieve optimal club performance with a PUREd shaft. Experience consistency, accuracy, and a better feel on every swing.


Flo Test and Spine Align

Optimize your club’s performance by ensuring the shaft’s most consistent bend is aligned properly. A properly aligned club can result in enhanced accuracy and distance.


Build Custom Clubs

Your unique swing deserves a unique club. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, our experts will craft a club tailored just for you.

Reshaft Change

Out with the old, in with the new. Upgrade your shaft to better match your swing speed and style.

Repair Broken Clubs

Accidents happen. Whether it’s wear and tear or an unfortunate snap, we can restore your club back to its prime.

General Club Repair

From minor adjustments to major overhauls, we cover all types of club repairs. Entrust us with your gear and we’ll ensure it’s course-ready.

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