Open Daily 9am – 9pm
*We stop selling balls at 8pm*

Veteran and Locally Owned

Open Daily 9am – 9pm
*We stop selling balls at 8pm*

Veteran and Locally Owned


Frequently Asked Questions

Toptracer provides enhanced tech-driven insights into your game. However, at The Ultimate Drive, we respect and preserve the traditional charm of golf while offering the option of modern technological advantages.

Our policy ensures that every golfer has ample time to finish their game without feeling rushed, maintaining a relaxed experience right up until we close. it’s kinda our version of a “last round”. Remember, Toptracer requires a whole hour, so we’re just syncing with the beat.

Occasionally, Mother Nature plays hard. Extreme winds, electrifying lightning, or Bakersfield’s scorchers might pause our game. But hey, our bays come with misters & fans! 🌬 Always give our pro-shop a ring or peek at our socials during the wild weather to see if we’re teeing off!

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but our pro-shop offers a curated selection of beverages. To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, we request guests to enjoy what we provide on-site.

Absolutely! We encourage personal style but kindly ensure it remains appropriate and respectful for a family-friendly environment. . Remember, you’re in a house that loves golf and good vibes!

We totally get wanting to have your essentials on hand. But at The Ultimate Drive, we’re all about maintaining the unique, lively vibe we’ve crafted for everyone. So, while we ask our guests to leave their coolers at home, we promise we’ve got a great selection of refreshing options on-site to keep you cool and quenched!

As of now, it’s a first-come-first-swing kinda place. But worry not, if your crew’s running late, start your game and they can jump in once they’re here!


We adore the little golfers! While we don’t have a kiddie corner, they must hang with adults. Safety first – keep the little champs in sight and off the range!

Toptracer integrates technology with golf, allowing you to visualize your shots, analyze performance metrics, and enjoy digitally augmented gameplay. It’s same magic the PGA guys use. Feel like a pro every time!

Club rentals at The Ultimate Drive are straightforward: $1.00 per club. Leave your ID, take a club. Bring it back in one piece, and your ID’s yours again! Be gentle, or there’s a $20 fee for a broken heart, uh, I mean club!

We recommend inspecting your equipment before play to ensure it meets your standards.

Our Toptracer bays are rented hourly, with the rates varying depending on the day and time. Each bay accommodates up to 4 individuals, inclusive of spectators and children. For groups exceeding four members, additional bays will need to be rented. Remember, safety first: only one player should hit at a time.

We totally get the appeal of enjoying a favorite drink while golfing! However, to keep the vibes upbeat, inclusive, and in line with licensing regulations, we ask that you don’t bring your own alcohol. Swing by our drink station instead, and discover some delightful beverages that pair perfectly with a round of golf!

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